Piers Morgan cites Dunblane as he lashes out at US gun control failure after Connecticut massacre

Piers Morgan was at the centre of the action on Twitter and CNN last night as he tore into America's failure to curb guns as the debate raged over the Connecticut school shooting.

At points on his own show, an incandescent Piers tore into gun advocates who insisted that the US needed MORE guns to stop the shooters - despite the fact that there have been 61 mass shootings in the US since Columbine.

Piers reminded the US that since Britain's own horror at Dunblane in 1996, when 16 children died, hand guns had been banned in the UK. The Washington Times claimed Morgan didn't understand the Second Amendment, claiming that the Founding Fathers "only envisioned a world where the musket would rein supreme for all eternity."

Morgan encouraged Americans to "get angry" and implored President Obama to "stand up to the American gun lobby." The Washington Times claimed that the Second Amendment protecting the right to bear arms had helped "create an exceptional country." "Law-abiding citizens exercising their right to determine when, how and if they defend themselves are one of the best bulwarks against tyranny a nation can have," said the paper.

Piers tweeted "Stop worrying about the gun lobby. It's time for some moral conviction and moral courage".

Steve Krakauer said he wasn't surprised that @piersmorgan was trending worldwide as the raging live debate went on.

Pat O'Brien tweeted @piersmorgan is my freaking hero right now, standing up to these gun guys!

Peter Schloss ‏@peterschloss said

"I've got new found respect for Piers Morgan as he tells pro-gun lobby people on live TV their views are complete "nonsense" & "hogwash"

Gun advocate Steve Dulan innsisted "Guns exist...they're not going anywhere..the only way to stop an evil person is to shoot them"

Dr. Frank Ochberg declared, "America has more gun deaths than any other advanced nation in the world...we have laws..we don't enforce those laws"

At 11pm US time as anguished parents had still not been able to identify their dead children because the school was a"crime scene," CNN reported that "There was a moment where they had to tell these waiting parents 'there will be no more reunions tonight'...there were wails."

Earlier President Obama, pausing at one point for 12 seconds to hold back his tears, made a deeply moving statement from the White House.

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