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32% will share customer service experiences via social media and blogs

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Almost a third (32 per cent) are sharing their customer service experiences – both good and bad – online through social media and blogs, new research has found.

The research of other 7,000 consumers from Verint Systems found that only 49 per cent feel satisfied with customer service, while two thirds of consumers get angry with long wait times.

The research explores consumers’ attitudes towards services provided by organisations in five sectors - phone, TV and broadband services; financial services; retail; utilities and public services – with 22 per cent agreeing that price was more important than customer service.

It was discovered that 30 per cent of 25-34 years will resort to Facebook, with the highest amount of online conversation amongst the 16-24 years olds at 24 per cent.

David Parcell, managing director for EMEA at Verint Systems, said: “The findings of this study clearly show that service has become a new means of marketing and is favoured over price. Retailers understand this effect better than many sectors—that’s why they tend to fare better than financial services providers and utilities firms when it comes to the customer experience.

“If they are not doing so already, organisations must invest in listening to the voices of their customers, in particular the new, social-savvy. They also must face up to the challenge of unlocking the feedback from those that aren’t talking or remain indifferent about the service received, as well as the invisible. Until then, it will remain challenging for brands to distinguish themselves.”

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21 Nov 2012 - 14:35
andy_mcf's picture

31% of social media complaints receive a response so agree that focus is required. Here are some reasons that it hasn't been adopted... http://bit.ly/LdydDq

6 Dec 2012 - 13:03
Focusservices1's picture

Social Media is a good resource to reach out to customers for their feedback and concerns to be noticed.


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