Daily Mail goes apoplectic with rage over 'provocative' Kingsmill ad

A Kingsmill advert featuring a schoolgirl has been highlighted by the Daily Mail as a sign of declining moral standards.

The 30 sec clip depicts 18 year old actor Tara Berwin munching on the brands fruit and fibre bread whilst dressed as a schoolgirl - part of a £4m advertising campaign which has drawn 19 complaints to the ASA.

However, the Daily Mail gave voice to those who claim that it was in fact ‘sexualising children’ by portraying the young actor in a ‘skimpy’ outfit.

The paper was particularly troubled by a scene in which Berwin: ‘hitched up her mid-thigh length skirt to strike a provocative pose.’

Quoting one ‘outraged’ viewer who posted a comment on an internet forum the paper went on to quote Ms Berwin herself who insisted: “There’s no need to patronise me, I haven’t done anything wrong.”

With no sense of irony the piece was posted alongside the Mail's regular 'Femail Today' column which pictured a host of scantily-clad celebrities.

The ad was shot by creative agency Contagious Content and was overseen by Kingsmill owner Allied Bakeries director of brands.

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