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The mobile market matures – a European snapshot from iProspect's 2012 Mobile Landscape report

As the penetration of mobile devices reaches critical mass in most markets, Mark Fagan, head of search and performance media, iProspect, provides a snapshot of the mobile landscape and discusses how brands can harness the growth in mobile.

In October 2012, iProspect released its ‘2012 Mobile Landscape: Western Europe’ eBook. In association with TNS NIPO, iProspect researched over 2600 respondents in Germany, the Netherlands, Spain, Sweden and the UK were questioned through an online questionnaire. All respondents were smartphone users, making use of the mobile internet between the ages of 16-60. iProspect then garnered this data to provide an insight-driven approach to mobile strategy and execution.

Here Mark Fagan, iProspect’s head of search and performance media, discusses the key findings and outlines four big ideas for thinking mobile.

Key insights include:

  • High-quality mobile access to brands is no longer simply 'nice-to-have', but a required element
  • 64 per cent of the study's respondents stated they felt they are 'always connected' to the internet
  • Brands should take advantage of analytics platforms to evaluate consumer click paths and optimise the experiences they are finding most relevant
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