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Channel 4 announces Full English: The Game in collaboration with fish in a bottle and Two Brothers Pictures

Full English: The Game is available now on the Channel 4 websiteFull English: The Game is available now on the Channel 4 website

Channel 4 has released “Full English: The Game” on the Channel 4 website to support and extend the launch of its upcoming animated comedy Full English.

fish in a bottle and Two Brothers Pictures were commissioned by the broadcaster to create the game which will be rolled out episodically in four chapters. fish in a bottle collaborated with Two Brothers Pictures, who are behind the show, to create an original story, which introduces the characters and takes them on a new adventure.

Harry and Jack Williams of Two Brothers Pictures, said: “'We're delighted Channel 4 are getting so behind Full English and fish in a bottle have done a great job capturing the voice and comedy of our show."

The game begins in the family household, with the player taking control of Edgar, the dad, as he solves puzzles and tries to assemble the family for dinner. But a dramatic turn of events sees the family sucked into a game console, each landing in their own videogame pastiche, leaving it down to the player to work out how to get the character back to the real world.

The show’s full voice cast assembled to record dialogue for the game, including Richard Ayoade, Kayvan Novak, Daisy Haggard, Rosie Cavaliero and Lucy Montgomery.

Channel 4’s multiplatform commissioning editor for comedy and entertainment, Jody Smith, commented: “Full English is a bold addition to Channel 4's comedy schedule, so we wanted to do something equally ambitious online. The result is a beautiful adventure game, packed with gags and celeb cameos, and supported by the show's superb voice talent.

“The game’s so big, we’re thinking of it as an ‘episode zero’. It's been a perfect collaboration between the two studios - the likes of which is rarely seen.”

Robert Sloan, senior producer at fish in a bottle, added: “The unique close collaborative relationship between fish in a bottle and Two Brothers Pictures has meant that we have been able to create a comedic game which matches the style and tone of the show, something which is crucial given that the game launches before the show and so will be the audience’s first introduction to the world of Full English.”

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