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Travelodge appoints Neil Sean as its first ever writer in residence

Travelodge appoints Neil Sean as its first ever writer in residenceTravelodge appoints Neil Sean as its first ever writer in residence

Travelodge has announced the appointment of celebrity broadcaster and journalist Neil Sean as its first ever writer in residence.

While staying in some of the 504 Travelodge hotels across the UK, Ireland and Spain, Sean will write his first book, titled ‘How to live like a celebrity for FREE’.

The book features money saving tips and facts from celebrities such as movie stars, TV & sports personalities; with Jennifer Lopez discussing how she used to get make-overs from make-up counters in order to look the part for auditions.

Sean said: “I am honoured be the first UK budget hotel resident writer. I choose Travelodge as the brand totally cements the rational behind my latest book, ‘How to live like a celebrity for FREE’. Travelodge is a facilitator that provides a low cost clean comfortable room whilst travelling between A to B. The money that you save by staying with Travelodge you can use to dine out in a flash restaurant, see a top show, hang out in a trendy bar or just go shopping; just like a celebrity.

“I choose to write this book, as we have become a nation obsessed with celebrity culture and Britons want to replicate an A-list lifestyle but can’t necessarily afford it. Over the years I have interviewed some of the world’s biggest stars and in my new book I will be sharing a compendium of tips and facts on what they did before finding fame to save a buck.”

The book will be available to buy from June 2012.

Jon Hendry-Pickup, Travelodge operations director, said: “We are delighted to have Neil Sean stay with us whilst he pens his latest book. It may surprise you to know that lots of celebrities stay with us across our 504 hotels - Neil may even bump into a well known personality in our Bar Café and pick up some extra money saving tips for his book.”


30 Apr 2012 - 10:40
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And Rawlinsons say you can have another fifty of the shop-soiled chocolate oranges if you plug them again

22 Dec 2013 - 17:32
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Honestly, what on Earth are they thinking? Mr Sean is a complete stranger to both primary school punctuation and spelling. 'Showbiz Oracle'? More like catty, celebrity-obsessed fool. 'Journalist'? I'd be interested to see his qualifications which entitle him to this.


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