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Apple rumoured to be gearing up LiquidMetal iPhone for October release

Apple rumoured to be gearing up LiquidMetal iPhone for October releaseApple rumoured to be gearing up LiquidMetal iPhone for October release

The Apple rumour mill has picked up a gear with suggestions being made that the latest iteration of the device may arrive later than first thought – and could sport a unique liquidmetal unibody construction.

According to TechCrunch the latest indications from chipmaker Qualcomm are that the new device won’t be unveiled until October due to supply issues.

More strikingly the casing for the device could be formed from an alloy of titanium, nickel, copper and zirconium – a material which is said to have the feeling of glass and strength of metal.

Interestingly this material, which Apple has the exclusive rights form, can also be formed using an injection mould technique similar to plastic, allowing the device to be formed from a single hunk of metal.
It follows rumours that Samsung is said to be employing a ceramic material for use in its upcoming Samsung Galaxy SIII.


20 Apr 2012 - 13:52

The main reason for using this alloy is probably its excellent energy absorbing properties if dropped on the floor , see http://www.matvalue.com/#/blog/4560241947/Apple-Liquidmetal-and-iphone-5...


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