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Spring Fling arts event unveils app with Deko

Spring Fling arts event unveils app with DekoSpring Fling arts event unveils app with Deko

Dumfries and Galloway arts and crafts open studios event, Spring Fling, has unveiled an iPhone app with Deko, with an Android version expected to follow shortly.

The app for the festival, which celebrates its 10th birthday this year, provides locations for the studios of all 76 artists involved, as well as the latest news and social media updates.

Leah Black, Spring Fling manager, said: “Our new Smart Phone App is designed to help visitors enjoy Spring Fling to the max by making it straightforward and fun to plan individualised tours around the studios and workshops of the hugely talented artists and craft makers taking part in the event. People can choose their route in different ways – including by type of art and craft or by location.”

Andrew Nisbet of Deko, added: “ We were delighted to work with Spring Fling on developing this App. Spring Fling is a huge success – the most successful event of its type in the country - and we were keen to support its aim of ensuring visitors maximize their time and enjoyment of it. Our brief was to support Spring Fling by making studio tours in the region easy and personalised according to personal preferences of types of creative media. So if visitors have a specific interest in, say glass-making, they can easily see which studios they will be most interested in visiting. Or, if they are just visiting one particular area of the region on one of the Spring Fling days, they can check out what studios and workshops are nearest for them to drop in on. The App is all about making Spring Fling as accessible as possible – and as enjoyable as possible.

“We’ve already had a great response to the App’s creation and I’m sure that once people start using it, they’ll find it an invaluable aid which allows them to enhance their experience of Spring Fling.”

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