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The Drum Design 100: Numbers 59-40 revealed

The Drum Design 100: Numbers 59-40 revealedThe Drum Design 100: Numbers 59-40 revealed

The Drum Design 100 ranks agencies based on their UK fee income for 2011 and includes details of average numbers of design staff in 2011. The list provides an insightful overview of the UK design industry at present, with highlights including a growing trend towards digital.

This week we’re revealing, bit by bit, the list of those who made it into the final 100, which will be published in full this Friday.

Here we can reveal numbers 59-40.

41= CSI Media
41= Cube3
43 Mobas
44 Impact Design & Marketing
45 Earnest
46 Optima Graphic Design Consultants
48 Clock
50 Wyatt International
51 The Neighbourhood
53 Creative and Brand
54 Zen Web Solutions
55 Uniform
56 Strawberry
57 Sumo
58 Turn Key
59 Thompson Brand Partners

For those who missed numbers 100-60 announced on Twitter earlier in the week, here are the results:

60 Mr B & Friends
61 AVC Media
62 Fifth Ring Integrated Corporate Communications
63= Duttons Design
63= Hampton Associates
63= Keepthinking
66 Clock Creative
67 Manifest Communications
68 Cafecreate
69 Uncle (now Jellyfish Group)
70 Alienation Digital
71 Zeta
72= FDC Studio
72= The Brand Nursery
74 Bluestorm
75 Avian
76 Lesniak Swann
77 Sigma
78 Strawberrysoup
79= Firedog
79= Selesti
81 Milestone Design
82 Happy Giraffe
83 Carpe Diem
84 Creative Stream
85 Juno Media
85 Rooster Digital
87 Barques Design
88 Gingernut Creative
89 Leepeckgroup
90 Project
91= Front
91= Great Minds Design
91= Imano
94 Katapult
95 Cubiqdesign
96 Kingsland Linassi
97 Classic Lines Design
98 Mocapone.com
99 The Media Group
100 Blue Square Design

The full report will be available for subscribers to download on Friday 30 March.

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