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NSPCC unveils ‘Don’t wait until you’re certain’ campaign with Inferno

The NSPCC has today unveiled a new campaign, ‘Don’t wait until you’re certain’, in partnership with Netmums, after research found that most people ignore worries over a child’s safety for about a month before calling.

Created by Inferno, and directed by Amanda Boyle, who also directed Skins, the campaign is being seeded on YouTube, Netmums, Twitter and Facebook.

The YouTube video is entitled ‘$#*! Kids Say’, and starts off in a funny manner before turning serious.

Andy Cairns, MD of Inferno, said: “The NSPCC is a cause close to all our hearts. When we pitched and won the business back in January we were hugely excited by the creative opportunity to raise awareness of such important issues on a national level. The film encapsulates the worrying truth that people wait too long before reporting suspected child abuse with the sense of innocence and fun you get when talking to children. We’re thrilled and proud of the film.”

Siobhan Freegard, co-founder of the Netmums website, said: “This campaign is particularly relevant to our audience as mums come into contact with other parents and children all the time, and are therefore likely to come across situations where they feel concerned but aren’t sure if they are witnessing signs of abuse. We also know that women are twice as likely to contact the NSPCC as men with their concerns.

“People may be scared to pick up the phone because they think this will automatically result in something drastic like the police turning up and taking their neighbour’s children away. But in many cases the NSPCC provides callers with help and advice without taking things any further. Its helpline counsellors deal with thousands of calls every year and will know the best course of action to take.”

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