64% of buyers plan to increase VoD spend by 25% or more in next six months

Online video advertising remains popular, the latest research from Collective has found, with 64% of buyers planning to increase video on demand (VoD) spend by 25% or more in next six months, and 57% saying that video appears in more than half of their campaigns.

The research estimated that the average campaign budget for VoD is £49,000, up £5,000 from the last survey by Collective in September.

It was found that 43% of the 156 media buyers surveyed would pay a higher CPM to place their VoD campaigns against good quality content and strong brands, rather than hitting long tail websites; while 25% of buyers felt the rate should not be affected as long as they are getting an engaged viewer.

When looking at real-time bidding, it was found that 51% were interested in trialling the system, while 13% of buyers felt they didn’t need to use RTB for VoD since they can already control the inventory they buy.