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Twitter as influential as X Factor and Strictly judges on voting decisions

Twitter as influential as X Factor and Strictly judges on voting decisionsTwitter as influential as X Factor and Strictly judges on voting

Twitter is now as influential as the X Factor and strictly Come Dancing judges when it comes to how people vote on the show, new research by Carat has found.

The research, based on data from 13,000 people, found that in deciding who to vote for on X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing, Twitter and the judges themselves are equally as influential with 17% of viewers saying that this is what influences them who to vote for ‘a lot’.

It was discovered that Twitter is 42% more influential than other key news sources in deciding voters’ behaviour, with 66% of viewers believing what they read on the site about X Factor and Strictly Come Dancing when deciding how to vote.

Tracy De Groose, managing director of Carat, said: “This survey gives us a great insight into the direct influence of social media on consumers’ voting behaviour for the first time and underlines the enormous power of second-screen engagement. As with many things in life, we are massively influenced by friends and opinion formers. The only difference is technology is making this easier and easier.”

Carat found that 51% of X Factor viewers use Facebook at the same time as watching the programme, while 14% use Twitter.

Commentary is not only generated from the TV show itself –26% of those surveyed had commented on an ad on Facebook during X Factor, while 7% said they had tweeted about an advertising campaign.

Ben Ayers, head of social media at Carat, added: “That our personal connections have a significant impact on the decisions we make isn’t news, but the new wave of technology built around people means that word of mouth reverberates further than ever.

“Understanding digital connections between people and what motivates them to share their thoughts and activities is the holy grail for the latest wave of web companies as well as brands trying to thrive in this new ultra connected world.”

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