#MyTramExperience woman accused of racism after tirade was featured on Twitter and YouTube

Social media has apparently played a fundamental role is seeing a woman arrested for launching into a racist tirade against fellow passengers on a London tram.

She was filmed on busy Wimbledon to Croydon service hurling abuse which included; "What has this country come to? … with loads of black people and a load of fucking Polish.

"You ain't English either, none of you are fucking English, get back to you're own fucking, d'you know what?

"Sort out your own countries, don't come and do mine, Britain is nothing now, Britain is fuck all, my Britain is fuck all now."

Other passengers remonstrated with the woman, who, apart from a young child, appeared to be alone. One suggested she should mind her language as their were children present, to which she replied 'I have one here.'

The Drum understands that authorities and media who were initially tipped off about the story, expressed little interest, until the video - which had the Twitter hash tag #MyTramExperience started trending. By the afternoon the video had been watched around 130,000 times.

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