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Roses Design Awards and Roses Advertising Awards merge to become Roses Creative Awards

The Roses Design Awards and the Roses Advertising Awards are to be merged to form a new award, the Roses Creative Awards.

The Roses Creative Awards are now open for entry, integrating the two ceremonies, to reward creative advertising and design within the regions of the UK outside of M25.

An experienced judging panel of creative advertisers and designers will be assembled to judge the entries, with a deadline set for Friday 10 February.

Gordon Young, editor of The Drum, explained: “They have been brought together to reflect how the industry itself is evolving. There is no doubt the demarcation lines between what were once quite separate disciplines are becoming less pronounced.

“Advertising agencies now work across the creative spectrum as do design consultancies. Clients too also no longer view the world through the prism of how the marketing services world is structured. They simply want solutions to their problems, great ideas that can work across the board, whether it means advertising, design, digital, experiential or a combination of the lot.

“That is what the Roses Creative Awards sets out to recognise great creative thinking, pure and simple,” he added.

An early bird entry rate of a 20% discount is on offer for those who submit their entries before 22 December however.

For more information on the Roses Creative Awards see the newly launched website, or contact Lyndsay Wilson on lyndsay.wilson@carnyx.com.

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It’s hard to cut through the noise of the creative industry. The Roses Creative Awards exist to give regional agencies the glory and their own voice among the London giants.

We cut the drama and strive to find the hidden gems of the advertising, design and digital world as Britain is loaded with innovative agencies.  Past entrants have included Tayburn, BJL, MUSIC, Chapter, LOVE Creative and BIG Communications to name but a few.

Big or small, old or new, any UK agency can enter as long as their office, or their client’s office, is based outside of the M25. Why not enter and show there is more to Britain than the London big boys!

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Final Entry Deadline: 4 March 2016
Awards Ceremony: 12 May 2016, The Mercure Hotel in Manchester





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