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New Media Guru, Designer Extraordinaire and Copy Cruncher among weird business card titles

New Media Guru, Designer Extraordinaire and Copy Cruncher among weird business card titlesNew Media Guru, Designer Extraordinaire and Copy Cruncher among weird

Business card printer MOO.COM has revealed some of the most imaginative titles it has seen on business cards, with sales ninja and happiness advocate appearing on the list.

MOO.COM said that people are looking more and more to ‘socialise’ their business cards by adding personal touches which are more frequently associated with social media account profiles.

Paul Lewis, the head of marketing at MOO.COM, said: "Titles such as executive or manager don't stand out to many people and don't have much meaning. Traditional one word job titles no longer act as an accurate description of what a person does or what they are like. So why not stand out a bit by giving yourself a job title that sums you up as a person rather than limits you to just one aspect of what you do.

“We are seeing a real shift from traditional business cards to a more ‘social, personal branding card’ where social network-savvy individuals are including their twitter handles, Facebook accounts, skype, LinkedIn and so on alongside their phone and email details. This, accompanied by these weird and wonderful titles, makes for a thoroughly modern business card!"

Top 20 modern job titles as reported by MOO.COM

1. Sales Ninja

2. New Media Guru

3. Word Herder

4. Linux Geek

5. Social Media Trailblazer

6. Corporate Magician

7. Master Handshaker

8. Communications Ambassador

9. Happiness Advocate

10. Copy Cruncher

11. Transportation Captain

12. Web Kahuna

13. Marketing Rockstar

14. Problem Wrangler

15. Superstar DJ

16. Digital Dynamo

17. Designer Extraordinaire

18. Head Cheese

19. Plumber Hero

20. Movie Magic Maker

The Drum is writing a feature on unusual job titles in the creative industries. If you know any you think should be included, email ishbel.macleod@thedrum.co.uk with the job title and agency where the position is held.

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