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Waitrose: we DID reply to Facebook complaint

Waitrose: we DID reply to Facebook complaintWaitrose: we DID reply to Facebook complaint

Nineteen hours after a complaint was made on Facebook following a woman being given a free cup of coffee after calling a disabled child an ‘animal’, a social media outcry was created over a lack of reply – although Waitrose has said differently.

The original post read: “a HORRID experience in waitrose cafe today where dillon was making noises and a stupid snobby cow came up and asked me to keep my "animal" under control..when I proceeded to tell her to sit back down she called me scum and said people like me" shouldnt shop at a respectable supermarket..." This happened at Waitrose in Kingsthorpe, Northampton. After treating this mum and child in this w...ay the p...erson was given free coffee. I asked permission from my friend before posting this as i feel as many people as possible should know what happened and the fact that Waitrose did nothing to stop it This happened to a very close and dear friend, may the women and her friends have the worse Karma going, we are all going to Kingsthorpe 10 am Monday to demand answer why the staff awarded this stupid daft cow !!!!!!!!!!!”

Complaints were made that Waitrose had made no official response at time of writing, despite several people posting on the Facebook wall, and commenting on Twitter, about the incident. Further complaints have been made about how other complaints, including queries about lack of eggs in store, had been answered.

The Drum asked Waitrose about the lack of comment, and a spokesperson replied: “We responded directly to the earliest comments on Facebook at 10am this morning and have updated further this afternoon. The incident was an altercation between two customers; we are taking it very seriously and trying to find out exactly what happened.”

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