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The next living-room revolution: internet-connected TVs

Research undertaken by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and multi-channel video agency Adjust Your Set has revealed that 88% of marketers are yet to develop connected TV strategy. The survey of over 200 IAB members uncovered industry reactions to internet-connected TVs, and the report aims to illustrate these reactions and understand the issues and challenges associated with the new platform. Here we take a look at the report's main findings.

In this feature article, The Drum presents highlights from research conducted by the Internet Advertising Bureau (IAB) and multi-channel video agency Adjust Your Set. Amongst the whitepaper’s findings, one of the revelations was that 88% of marketers are yet to develop a connected TV strategy.

The research also explores industry attitudes to internet-connected TVs. Despite 82% of respondents feeling that it is very important that the type of content on internet-connected TVs is new, entertaining and engaging; it was found that over a third feel that only a budget of up to £50,000 should be allocated to an internet-connected TV strategy. Jack Wallington, Head of Industry Programmes from the IAB, commented: "This research reveals a staggering amount of uncertainty when it comes to internet-connected TVs."

“It’s clear the industry considers the platform a significant leap for online advertising, but it has also become apparent that like so many other technological developments we’re waiting for the customer to leap first.”

As well as an in-depth look at the research, the article contains original infographics illustrating the whitepaper’s findings.

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