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'Boycott Braehead Shopping Centre' Facebook campaigner reported to Procurator Fiscal over another 'incident'

'Boycott Braehead Shopping Centre' Facebook campaigner reported to Procurator Fiscal over another 'incident''Boycott Braehead Shopping Centre' Facebook campaigner reported to

The father who led the social media campaign to boycott Braehead Shopping Centre after he was detained by security, apparently under the terrorism act, for taking a picture of his daughter eating ice cream, has been reported to the Procurator Fiscal by police.

Chris White began the ‘Boycott Braehead Shopping Centre’ Facebook page after he claimed that police were called by security when he failed to delete a picture of his daughter taken within the store.

According to STV News, Police have now said that they have reported White to the Procurator Fiscal over ‘another incident’ while he is reported to have taken a picture of a girl behind the ice cream counter with his fly down.

Within days of the Facebook page being launched, it had over 22,000 likes, while comments were buzzing around Twitter, which led to Braehead Shopping Centre’s owners altering its no photography policy within its centres across the UK.

When questioned about the pictures being taken, White claimed he had not seen the signs instructing that no photography be taken, and that he had already posted them on Facebook by the time he was detained.

Both Police and Braehead apologised over the incident within days due to mounting pressure over the campaign.

The Big Partnership offered 10 crisis PR tips for the centre amidst the outcry earlier this week.

Chris White stated on the Facebook page: "I can confirm I have seen the STV report . At no stage did I take a photo of a staff member. This allegation was first rumoured after the coverage was made. At no stage have the police questioned me regarding this matter. I am taking this matter forward with my lawyer to find out the truth behind this report. I am sure there will be much more said in the media regarding this story Thank you for you continued support."

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