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Activation launches campaign site supporting Ski yoghurt promotion

Activation launches campaign site supporting Ski yoghurt promotionActivation launches campaign site supporting Ski yoghurt promotion

Bristol-based digital marketing agency, Activation, has launched a new campaign site in support of Ski’s latest on-pack promotion.

The promotion is in partnership with Haven Holidays and enables consumers to collect tokens from promotional packs of Ski Yogurt and save money off their next family holiday with the operator.

The website produced by Activation features information about the promotion and how consumers can take part in the collector scheme. Consumers can register for the promotion and download their personalised ‘collector sheet’ - to stick on their fridge.

Points collected by consumers are sent to the handling house using the collector sheet; balances are updated on the site and consumers can log in to view their balances and redeem their points for the discounts.

“If you think about where the consumer will experience the promotion, you have point of sale and product interaction. From here, the next stage is to get the consumer to become active in the digital space,” explained Matt Ramsay, managing director of Activation.

“The downloadable personalised form means that we have taken this a step further and brought the brand into people’s homes, helping to keep it in the forefront of the consumer’s mind.”

The campaign runs from September 2011 to March 2012, and tokens can be found on special packs of Ski. The promotion was developed by sales promotion agency, Toucan, with Activation providing support as their digital partner.


28 Aug 2013 - 21:09
waild75678's picture

This is a very creative and professionally executed activation. Taking the brand home alone is a success, but this agency went much further by positioning the brand in the home in your face for 6 full months feeding top of mind by engaging you. The concept of partnership with a tour operator is brilliant and has sparked an idea in my own mind.

Respect is due to Mr. Ramsay and double respect to his team!

We are one of a few out here, started as an Advan concept and grew into experiential. We own and operate a unique set of experiential tool kits. Digital is a direction we are contemplating to engage GenY locally.

Too busy to sort out our own website.

Please do add us to your mailing list.

Wail Dagash CEO, Intelligent Advertising Company Khartoum, Sudan E: wail.dagash@gmail.com E: hello@getnoticed.sd M: +249 123 000786


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