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FOI request from The Scotsman reveals cost of public sector sick notes tops 750m in five years

FOI request from The Scotsman reveals cost of public sector sick notes tops £750m in five yearsFOI request from The Scotsman reveals cost of public sector sick notes

A freedom of information request made by The Scotsman newspaper has revealed that the cost of sick notes among public sector workers has topped £750 million in lost working days in recent years.

The newspaper’s political correspondent, Scott Macnab has reported that the number of workers facing disciplinary action has doubled over the past year to more than 3000 as bosses attempt to crack down on the problem.

The FOI request uncovered that thousands of workers have been dismissed in recent years through poor attendance.

In all, more than 17 million days have been lost as a result of sick days over the last five years.

The figures include those of local councils, the Scottish Government, NHS boards and the police and show that the number of staff facing disciplinary action reached 3,575 in 2010-11, more than doubles the 1,717 the previous year.


Anonymous (not verified)
13 Jul 2011 - 09:28
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This is easy to sort out, introduce statutory sick pay and don’t pay then for the 1st 3 days. Then you would see a reduction in wasted days. Private sector has been doing this for years.

Anonymous (not verified)
13 Jul 2011 - 10:34
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Put in place SSP, stronger procedures to weed out the lazy culture that plagues the public sector, this will reduce the farcical headcount in every sector and the annual wage bill.


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