Environmental packaging designed by Nicepond for new Booths range

Booths has launched a new range of cooking and baking ingredients, for which design and marketing agency Nicepond has created new eco-packaging packaging.

The Windermere agency was commissioned to design packaging for the ‘Seal and Save’ range, which has been designed for customers who wish to adopt more environmentally friendly values and cut back on unnecessary food waste.

The range is made up of a series of re-sealable product roundels which allow packs to be securely closed after opening.

The design also allows for each roundel to be transferred onto a plain storage jar, thus allowing consumers to safely store ingredients and significantly reduce food waste.

Bob Wallace, marketing director at Nicepond, explained: ‘‘On average, we waste a third of the food we buy each week, with the amount of food we throw away acting as a major contributor to the production of greenhouse gases in the UK.

With its appealing and simplistic design, the ‘Seal and Save’ range makes it easier for customers to get the most from the food they buy and, as a result, waste less of it.”

He added that Booths was constantly seeking to find better ways to extend its eco-friendly products, and that this new range fitted perfectly with the aim of encouraging customers to make more environmentally aware choices in-store.

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