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Second Scots Gov Cluster Greener Scotland set to tender

Second Scots Gov Cluster Greener Scotland set to tenderSecond Scots Gov Cluster Greener Scotland set to tender

The Scottish Government has issued invitations to tender for its second marketing services cluster for Greener Scotland Climate Change.

The account will cover all Go Greener,  Zero Waste and Food policy activity.

The ITT’s were issued to the Scottish Government marketing services framework agencies yesterday, where a shortlist of three will be invited from applicants to participate in a face-to-face creative pitch at the beginning of July.

The first two campaigns to be rolled out under the new cluster will be Recycling (Zero Waste) and Eat Fresh & Seasonal (Food).

The budget for the cluster over 2010-2011, including media, production, creative and associated costs, is likely to be between £900,000 and £2 million.

Newhaven previously completed a number of Scottish Government campaigns in this area, including the "Mr Earth" climate change account (pictured).

Mediacom Scotland will continue to handle all media for the contracts.

It is expected that several ITT’s for PR projects are also being prepared for forthcoming campaigns including Protection of Vulnerable Groups, Smoking cessation and legislation, Take Life on/Active Nation, and will see the cluster approach applied to two areas of PR; Community Public Health and Greener Scotland Climate Change.


Anonymous (not verified)
4 Jun 2010 - 10:49
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Crikey, how depressing for all concerned.

Anonymous (not verified)
4 Jun 2010 - 10:54
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Yes, I'm depressed. And am preparing to jump through flaming hoops for their entertainment like the performing monkey I am.

Anonymous (not verified)
4 Jun 2010 - 21:32
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Between £900k and £2 million. Have a guess which figure will be closer to reality.

Scottish Government roster ain't what it used to be. Ironic that they have started to demoralise and in some cases decimate the creative industries at such a bad time.

At least the brief-writing is keeping a few people in their public sector jobs.

This clustering business is all very clever, but maybe the folk in charge could one day turn their attention to cancelling this profoundly damaging procurement process and stop abusing our industry, and driving talent out of what is an increasingly shitty little country.

The only thing that's worse is that we are all stupid enough to go along with it.


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