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Braber and Gray join forces with Ben & Paul

Braber and Gray join forces with Ben & PaulBraber and Gray join forces with Ben & Paul
Braber and Gray join forces with Ben & Paul

Well know Scottish designer Paul Gray and Dutch copywriter Ben Braber have launched a new creative project called Ben & Paul.

Launched by Paul Gray of Suisse and Ben Braber of BBMC Goodword, Ben & Paul sees them joining up as a creative team to work with other advertising and creative agencies to produce concepts, copy and creative work and also working to work directly with companies, public sector organisations and charities to help them produce marketing materials.

The pair have worked often together over the last decade on many projects and discovered that together they usually produce their best work for clients when tackling projects with their combined 'words and pictures'  approach.

Speaking of the new project Gray said: "When I need a copywriter, I usually phone Ben. And likewise, when Ben needs an art director, he phones me. So, it makes sense to work as a team.”

Braber added:“We’ve found that we’ve done some of our greatest work together. We bring out the best in each other. We have fun. Our clients benefit. We want more of it.”

The pair will continue to run their own separate businesses as Suisse and BBMC Goodword, but now aim to market themselves jointly as a creative team with a shared portfolio of work.

Gray was a founding partner of TANK in Glasgow, which worked on advertising and design accounts from organisations such as Bacardi, Budweiser, Tennents, Arla and ScottishPower. With the Suisse design agency he now works with organisations such as Peugeot, the Red Cross, Linn Products and high-street retailers M & Co.

Braber is a former Dutch journalist who got his doctorate from the University of Glasgow. He set up BBMC Goodword, a network of copywriters and editors, which works with organisations such as Balfour Beatty, Skanska, Weir Pumps, Bank of Scotland, Scottish Opera, ScottishPower, Scottish and Southern Energy, and University of Glasgow.

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