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Tricker wins VisitScotland business tourism PR brief

A contract to encourage business tourism to Scotland has been secured by Tricker PR in Aberdeen.


A  contract  to encourage business tourism to  Scotland  has been secured  by Tricker PR in Aberdeen.


The public  relations company will now promote Scotland as a leading business destination to key markets across Britain.


Tricker  PR will provide PR services to the Business Tourism Unit at VisitScotland for a period of up to three years.


VisitScotland  - Scotland's national tourism organisation  - provides  leadership and direction for the development of Scottish  tourism  and  has  a strategic  role  to generate maximum  economic benefit for the country. Business  tourism generated from within the UK is currently worth £700m to Scotland.


Beverley  Tricker, MD and founder of  Tricker PR,  said:  "The  whole  team is incredibly  proud  to  have secured  such a high profile contract in a very  competitive situation  and  look forward to working  with  the  Business Tourism Unit to meet its future targets."


VisitScotland is working with the tourism industry towards a shared industry ambition to increase the value of tourism to Scotland  by  50  percent  by  2015.  A  sustained  public relations  programme will be put in place  by  the  team  at Tricker   PR   over   the   coming   year   which   supports VisitScotland's activity and will help to position  Scotland as a leading business tourism destination.


Caroline  Packman, Head of Business Tourism at VisitScotland added: "To  achieve our shared vision to create an industry worth in excess of £6 billion from business and leisure tourism  will require action from all aspects of the industry."


Tricker PR was established by Beverley Tricker in 2001.

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