The College Board and Khan Academy: Better Takes Practice by The Butler Bros

Date: Jun 2017
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For high school students taking the SAT and ACT, the stakes can be high, but there tends to be a disconnect that these tests can be practiced for. The College Board and Khan Academy turned to real high school students to explore how practice played a role in their daily lives and harnessed these insights for the Better Takes Practice campaign.

The College Board and Khan Academy are helping clear a path to college by providing free, world-class and personalized SAT preparation for all students with Official SAT Practice. In collaboration with The Butler Bros, The College Board and Khan Academy are promoting these game-changing tools by featuring real students who used Official SAT Practice with the Better Takes Practice campaign. High school students were incorporated throughout the campaign development process, starting with a collaborative blitz where their insights helped shape a mini-documentary series that represents how practice is a journey that is intrinsically personal to each student.


Agency: The Butler Bros

Client: The College Board and The Khan Academy

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