Edinburgh International Book Festival: Who Are We Now? by Tangent

Agency: Tangent
Date: Aug 2017
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Branding agency Tangent has launched the campaign for this year’s Edinburgh International Book Festival, featuring work by illustrator Anna Parini. The campaign highlights the fluidity and uncertainty of a changing world, which will be central to the festival debate this year.

David Whyte, creative director of Tangent Graphic Ltd, said: “We worked with the festival team to examine the reasons behind this uncertainty, and tap into the wider issues of trust in government and disillusionment with globalisation. The concept of ‘post truth’ politics, the proliferation of new ideas spread through social media and big shifts in people’s personal identification have all helped lead to these changes.

"The campaign is based on a series of opaque questions that reflect the mood of the times, and hint at the type of debate that will take place when the festival launches. We felt that Anna would be a perfect fit for the project as she is able to convey ideas in a bold, reductive style that leaves room for viewer interpretation."


Anna Parini, illustrator

David Whyte, creative director, Tangent

Jack Shaw, graphic designer, Tangent