La Mer: Moisturizing Matte Lotion Maze Box

Client: La Mer
Date: Jul 2017
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La Mer has released its new Moisturizing Matte Lotion, which comes housed in a limited edition interactive box designed by the La Mer team and manufactured by MW Luxury Packaging.

Inspired by vintage pinball machines and Chinese puzzle boxes, this pack is comprised of a rigid board outer sleeve wrapped in matte paper, and a main box which, when slid out, reveals a playable labyrinth.

The labyrinth walls were constructed from EVA foam in the shape of the letters M, A, T, T and E. Lively printed card stock was used to top the lettering, and a small recess was included to hold the ball bearing with which you navigate the maze.


Design: La Mer in house, Reg Sandland and Justin Weinrich.

Packaging manufacturer: MW Luxury Packaging

Photography: Alex Bibby