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Moving toward a sustainable future: The innovation and transformation of the food industry

Kees Kruythoff

chairman and chief executive officer

Sir Martin Sorrell

founder & executive chairman

The Drum’s Recommended Agency Register

The Drum Recommends is The Drum’s service to help brands quickly navigate to the right partners and make confident choices about who to work with. Using a unique performance-based ratings system, we simplify the sourcing process for brands – from shortlisting to pitch management. That is why The Drum Recommends is used by more than 500 brands every week to search for new agency partners.

The platform enables suppliers to put their company in front of brands, and allows them to collect ratings to prove that they can deliver great services and ROI.

It is free to register and collect ratings to prove service level, but to promote success there are three membership options. For more information, visit The Drum Recommends website here.

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