AdTech for ‘Good’

AdTech for ‘Good’

Advertising technology can help fund content that is responsible, educational and entertaining. Cynics amongst us might just shrug this off. After all, 2017 was the year when the digital ad industry encountered some real horrors —ad fraud, brand safety problems, declining trust. But consider this. 2017 was also the year when there was real endeavor from the adtech industry to meet these challenges. Such as industry-wide efforts to edge out murkier elements of the adtech sector, with a notable effort taken by IAB Tech Labs as well as TrustWorthy Accountability Group (TAG) with the introduction of ads.txt. This helped galvanize the industry into action, and a movement that has aided law authorities’ efforts to capture criminals preying upon the media industry. All this leading to a shakeup in the supply chain and as a result, these adjustments are aiding the fightback against social ills such as ‘fake news’, hate speech, and criminal content by diverting ad dollars to quality content.

The Drum’s Manifesto for ‘Good’ AdTech is a testament to all this and more.

  • It celebrates the role adtech plays in helping to deliver meaningful relationships between audiences and brands
  • Highlights how adtech helps deliver sustainable business
  • Showcases the Digital Trading Awards US Roll of Honors list.

Created by The Drum, this report identifies the best US teams doing this in the contemporary era.

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