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The return of my wife

As planned, fifteen days later my wife Carmen returned home. As befits a loving husband, I picked her up at the airport. She arrived very happy. Already in the car ...

… My love, I missed you so much… while with one hand I caressed my cock.

... And I love you. How did you go?

... Very well, the course is very good and I think it will do me wonders. But I really missed your presence. I spent every night thinking of you. I'm ashamed to say it, thinking about this wonderful thing you have ... he said, playing my dick ... one night I couldn't take it anymore and I had to masturbate.

... really? What did you do it with if the dildo was left behind ?

... With my hands, rather with my fingers. The dildo thing was a forgetfulness that will not happen to me anymore. It is equal to this preciousness that I have in my hand.

… I don't know if I'm going to let you go again, I feel very lonely when you're not around.

… I hope my mother has taken good care of you .

... From now on. He took good care of me.

We got home and after the greetings. I went to work leaving mother and daughter in the middle of the talk. I left thinking that I had done well to call me in peace with my mother-in-law in the two previous nights because I knew that Carmencita was going to look for me that night to satisfy her desire.

In the evening, after dinner that my mother-in-law prepared, we stayed for a long time after dinner to talk. My wife sang the voice giving some details of her trip and her course, which my mother-in-law and I listened to carefully. I suddenly ask

... And how did you spend it in my absence? Did you miss me so much?

... Of course ... said my mother-in-law Marta.

... And how did they manage?

... Very well, I said ... while my mother-in-law looked at me with a knowing smile ... Your mother was very good, she made me the meals that I like and kept the house in order.

... Well, let's say he pampered you a little, right? Carmen asked

... Yes, he was very good, quite ... I said.

When we went to the bedroom, already sanitized, I went to bed waiting for Carmen. It was slow to appear. When she did, I almost fainted to see her. She was wearing a set made up of a tulle baby doll with a transparent lace that revealed a bodice and a micro tail thong less, all black, my favorite color, which highlighted the boobs and ass in a heart-stopping version.








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Seeing her like this triggered all the demons in my body that from that moment on I only thought about the sexual follies we were going to do.

... Did you like me ? ... she even said knowingly what the answer was

... A wonder my love, you are more beautiful than ever ... I said, without lying at all.

... I bought these clothes thinking they would like for this occasion. I hope you don't disappoint me daddy.

Seeing my hallucination state, Carmen started pacing around the bedroom wearing her spectacular body dressed for love. I followed her gaze as her body contorted doing a heart attack strip tease. The clothes he took off he threw at me provoking me.

... Come mommy, come here if one more second goes by without having you by my side I die ... I said taking her by the arm bringing her to me in bed.

I held her tight and sought her lips to melt into a long, deep kiss that lasted a long time. I moved away from her a little to contemplate her. Lying on the bed, she looked like a current version of the Naked Maja. Her straight blonde hair framed a very beautiful face where her blue eyes sparkled expectantly. And what to say about his body, now I can't find the words to fully describe him. Boobs the size that I like, neither so big nor small, perky crowned by hard nipples, long legs that showed a neatly plucked vagina at its apex. I asked him to turn around and show me his tail. That ass really was a painting, round like a peach with cheeks that made them bite so beautifully.

As I warmed up looking at that body that he knew about me, I wondered if it hadn't been a rogue cheating on him with his mother and her friend. I looked at that almost perfect body and I could not stop comparing with my mature conquests. These had been a good snack but the main course was what I was going to eat at the time.

I couldn't take it anymore and I started to enjoy myself. For a moment I hesitated, I didn't know how to start, but her tits pointed at me as if asking for my attention. And there I went. I took them in my hands looking at them as if it was the first time that I had them at my disposal, and then took them over and over to my mouth to kiss and suck them. The nipples looked like two pythons because of how hard they were and they also received my mouth caresses. I was like crazy enjoying that pair of tits, while Carmencita took my head playing my hair.

... Oops, mmmm, what happens to my hubby who is so effusive with my chichis.

... I don't know what's wrong with me but I see them more beautiful than ever, with those nipples that invite me to bite them. May l?

... Yes my love, but not too strong please.

And I kept on sucking for a long time, until I felt Carmen take hold of my cock and she said to me

… How much I missed my favorite toy that always fills me with total joy and floods me with its milk. I want to have it and caress it, will you leave me?

... You already know that you can do whatever you want with it, although why don't we settle in and each one plays with the other's sex?

… Are you proposing a 69 to me?

… Yes my love. I also want to enjoy your little pussy, which seems to me that it also deserves its share.

That 69 was memorable. Even today when I remember it I get to the stick. She climbed on top of me as we always did, making her two holes available to me, while she took possession of my phallus with two hands to make me a soft straw, while she brought the glans to her mouth to suck it. His expert tongue began to lick the entire length of my penis and so did my testicles. It came and went in a constant movement that little by little was taking me to glory. He covered my phallus with countless kisses and licks, and also a little nibble, while his hands continued in a constant up and down.

Despite the enormous pleasure he was receiving, I did not sit still. I had to and wanted to respond to his caresses, although first I stopped to admire what was in my sight. Her soft buttocks like baby skin curved down and separated by my hands, they offered me the scenery of their two holes. Her light brown sphincter looked puckered and tight, below her impeccable vulva she showed me her external lips tight as if inviting me to open them. I regretted not having my cell phone on hand to take photos of that unique show.

While Carmencita continued with all her efforts playing with my manhood, knowing her tastes I began by eating her tight asshole, I kissed and licked her repeatedly. With my mischievous tongue I penetrated his hole slightly while listening that with his moans my wife indicated to me her approval for my caresses.

After enjoying her tight anus, I went to gloating with her vagina. As my hands continued to spread her buttocks, my mouth sought to get into the delicious hole. I think I have confessed my fame as a pussy eater for the great pleasure I get when I enjoy one. My tongue in permanent movement, began to explore the inside of that tasty vagina looking for the most hidden places. After a few minutes I took care of her clit. I noticed it more swollen than on other occasions and I began to lick it and suck it until I felt that Carmen was spilling into an orgasm that bathed my mouth and face.

... I want you to put it in me please. There were many days of abstinence and I can't take it anymore ... she said pleadingly

… And I am dying to enter that mimosa cave

... Would you like to do it in a doggy style? ... So you can put it all what I want.

… Okay, let's go?

He got into position and I brandishing my cock that was completely hard from the excitement I had, I started a slow penetration. He wanted to enjoy every inch of her vagina. Slowly I started the move in and out, Carmen's moans accompanied me and gave me more momentum. With one hand he reached her slit and I stroked her clit to give her more pleasure. So we stayed a few more minutes because the accumulated tension was very great and we could not bear it any longer. It was a brutal discharge that I released inside that vagina that was answered seconds later by a total orgasm from my wife. Her screams barely muffled by the pillow joined my moans. Surely my mother-in-law would hear them.

The finished powder had been very brutal and we both collapsed together in bed holding hands. When we could catch our breath he told me.

… You made me enjoy like when we were dating, you were great. Now I am calm because at one point in my trip I thought that you were looking for a replacement.

… What do you say? Where am I going to find a woman like you. You are unique ... lying piously.

... I don't know, for a moment I thought that maybe you couldn't last that many days.

… It seems to me that having resisted the temptation is rewarded with this moment we are living, don't you think?

... Totally ... now let's rest for a while and continue, right?

... for me all night ... I said

We were silent for a while. Carmen could not stand it for so long and began to caress my chest playing with my nipples. Little by little, he lowered his hand until he took hold of my phallus, which upon receiving his caresses began to recover energy. She approached him and taking it to her mouth she began to give licks and sucks that quickly gave new life to the instrument.

... I like it so much and that's why I missed him so much ... he said

... And he to you.

... You see how he likes my caresses, he is already stiff again.

… It seems that you want to feel again the pleasant sensation of being inside of you.

... I receive it with pleasure, I would like you to do it for me through the back entrance. You want?

… I love. If so, you have to put yourself in position.

He didn't let me finish speaking, and knowing the pose that we both like, he turned on his back, took his legs below the knees, lifting them up. That way her vagina and sphincter were in position, only now it was the baby's turn.

I smeared my dick in the juices of her vulva and rested it in the hole. I pressed to test the resistance, although I knew that Carmencita's anus, already accustomed to the size of my phallus, would give way quickly. That's how it went. Slowly and inexorably he was gaining space inside his rectum. As always, I felt the pressure my wife was putting on her muscles so that we both had greater delight. I finally got to the bottom of my possibilities. I took her by her hips and got ready to attack. Carmen looked at me and with her eyes told me that she was in full enjoyment.

… You like my love? Are you enjoying? ... I said

… I'm in heaven. I like it so much when you put it over here that I don't want it to be over soon daddy.

... I always tell you but I repeat it, your tail is sensational. I would stay here all night.

... Go on, go on, go on like this, don't stop please.

... What happens is that little by little I feel like my mom is coming.

... A little more, go ahead.

I held on for a few minutes and then spilled myself delivering the rest of my semen. I did it with contained moans so as not to raise my voice. It was really enjoying as if it had been the first time I ate that ass.

While I was giving that show, Carmen began to have her discharge. He did it by closing his eyes and tensing his body with groans and loud sighs. She released her arms and took me to her in a strong hug that accompanied a long and deep kiss with which she wanted to show her satisfaction.

... After this, it was worth spending a few days apart, don't you think?

... I agree, you gave me a tremendous powder, thank you my love.

… Do you know something? Every day I like more how you make love to me. It is second to none.

... What happens is that I love you very much and your beautiful body inspires me more and more.

I looked at the clock that was on the nightstand and made the calculation that we had been more than three hours of love. It was long past midnight and the bodies began to relax after all the bustle. I stood by her, kissed her again, and I think we fell asleep at the same time.

The next morning we resume the caresses, but that will be part of a new story.

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