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Head of sponsorship and experiential marketing

You may not have met Patrick yet, but you’ve probably heard him. The boisterous Canadian has come to our shores after an interesting career in ‘The Great White North’. He started out working for the largest rock station in Canada, working on-air first as the morning drive chaps’ lackey, then as an afternoon drive on-air promotional personality. This is where the engagement bug bit him.

Ok, I’m now feeling a little creepy talking in third person.

I have a massive passion for engagement; I really dig it when consumers and fans have brilliant experiences. And the UK sports and leisure field opens up numerous possibilities. It’s time for the days of balloons and bouncy castles to move on and make way for first class sponsorship activations in the UK. The people want it, and I’m looking forward to delivering it. And I’m not talking about mascots and cheerleaders.

Having already lead the team that won The Drum Award for Best Event & Experiential Marketing Campaign, I feel confident in saying that I can bring insight and look at things with a unique perspective.

Finally, I’ve had the opportunity to work with some top brands and one of the top experiential companies in Canada, which makes me feel well primed to deliver the goods. This blog is going to be honest and poignant. I may stir up some emotions and challenge the status quo. I’ll probably get your blood boiling just a little. To be straight, I will be dropping the gloves.

Patrick Kavanagh is Head of Sponsorship and Experiential Marketing at Sports and Leisure specialist agency Banana Kick.

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