Founder and chief exec

Grand Visual

Neil is the Founder and CEO of Grand Visual, an award-winning creative production company that is driving dramatic evolution across the Digital Out of Home Landscape. With offices in London and New York, Grand Visual has been responsible for many of the ‘wow’ moments the medium has delivered to date.

As part of his desire to unlock the creative potential of the medium, Neil and his team developed OpenLoop, the first Digital Out of Home campaign management platform for facilitating dynamic, real-time content across multiple networks, and markets. This was the start of programmatically informed creative for DOOH.

In 2017, Neil launched QDOT, an ad tech company housing a suite of platforms to allow advertisers and agencies to efficiently deliver, track and optimise campaigns with real-time, reactive messaging and scheduling capabilities. In 2019, Grand Visual and QDOT became part of Talon Group, the independent global out OOH media specialist, where Neil continues to lead both companies.