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Designer and typographer


Jon Tan first started designing with Lego and regards it as the best metaphor for what he does today. From dabbling in print design using plate and press in 1992, he moved to digital design circa 1995. Tan co-founded typeface design studio, Fontdeck, with Richard Rutter in 2009.

The pair wanted to create a service that would bring high quality fonts to a wide audience, something Tan has achieved through working with clients such as BBC Future Media on its web typography.

In addition be being a member of the International Society of Typographic Designers, Tan has written for design publications including Typographica, and his work and prose has featured in publications including I Love Typography, 8 Faces, . Net magazine, The Manual, and in books such as Hardboiled Web Design, Fluid Web Typography, The Principles Of Beautiful Web Design.

He has also talked at conferences including An Event Apart. Tan also founded Mild Bunch HQ, the co-working studio space in Bristol that he sometime works from. He was brought up in Stoke-on-Trent and currently lives in Bristol.