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Steve Silvers, EVP Global Creative, Media & Ecosystem, Kantar

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Steve explores the data ethics challenges of machine learning, and how we can build interesting and differentiated AI solutions
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Michael Sandor, Senior Director at Quantcast

Michael Sandor emphasizes the importance of measuring valuable outcomes beyond clicks and media KPIs and how we can apply AI to help partners and advertisers.

Melissa Hobley on Tinder's vision for the future of dating

Melissa Hobley, Tinder's Global CMO, shares her thoughts on the world of modern dating, highlighting self-discovery, breaking taboos, and giving us insight into the success of Tinder's 'It Starts With a Swipe' campaign.

Gary Vaynerchuk on precision marketing and the future of AI in advertising

Gary Vaynerchuk, serial entrepreneur and media maven, speaks about the importance of detailed consumer segmentation, the rise of experiential marketing, the evolving role of AI and VR, and the psychological barriers to embracing new marketing strategies.

Alexandra Theriault, Chief Growth Officer at Lotame

Alexandra explores AI-driven consumer engagement, the challenges of ad tech evolution, and a potential decline in social media use due to mental health concerns.

The Future of Marketing

Marketing is changing and as we approach a critical juncture, we ask Senior Brand Marketers how they see the industry developing. From AI, consumer behaviours, new ways of working and emerging skillsets, how can the industry prepare itself for the next wave of marketing?

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Tuning into the social frequency

In today's hyper-connected world, social media platforms serve as dynamic arenas where culture and politics collide. To thrive, brands must actively participate in the rhythm and evolution of cultural shifts. Embracing such rapid change requires risk-taking, experimentation, and quick adaptation in addition to understanding cultural nuances and subcultures. Are we at a point where social now dictates how brands evolve and are they losing some control in the process? Do brands really need to nail their colours to the mast when it comes to major societal issue.

Exploring the retail media boom: advertisers’ new data goldmine

As retail media continues to evolve, our panel looks at how this media can help brands achieve success in a world without third party data and how this should be a crucial part of the marketing mix.

Award Winning Stories with Ricardo Briceno at Gamefam

Lynn Lester will be joined by a winner of last year's Drum Awards. They'll share the story of how their work evolved from the initial brief to the fully formed idea, execution, and results. It's a chance to hear first hand about their creative process and what made their work award winning.

The last byte for the cookie: defining the next era of ad targeting and measurement

In this panel, we’ll dive into the evolving world of targeting and measurement in light of an increasingly stringent regulatory environment, cookie deprecation and signal loss across the open web. As consumer data privacy takes center-stage, how are media planners and buyers assessing various opportunities within the ecosystem, and what kinds of approaches are publishers taking? We’ll discuss the respective merits and limitations of privacy-preserving approaches to targeting and measurement, including first-party, universal IDs, contextual targeting and more – and we’ll conjecture about what’s to come.

Strength in numbers: Mastering addressability in marketing

Join us as we sit down with Alex Theriault, Chief Growth Officer, Lotame to unveil the increasing value of data collaboration for digital marketers. With the industry at a cookie crossroads, Alex sheds light on the challenges and opportunities ahead. Just how important is the role of first-party data in a post third-party-cookie world? Why should brands sit up and take notice?

Sustainability: Not just an add-on

As climate change progresses, brands across industries have been facing increasing pressure to minimize their carbon footprints. What separates authentic eco-friendly initiatives from “greenwashing”? What exactly do audiences expect from brands in 2024 when it comes to sustainability and other pressing societal issues? How can businesses stay afloat in a constantly shifting cultural landscape? And where do marketers fit into this bigger picture? Join us as we discuss all of these questions and more.

Media’s great measurement reckoning

This session will explore the challenges and opportunities in modern media measurement. In particular, we’ll dig into ecosystem fragmentation, the hunt for interoperability, and the industry’s various efforts to develop more standardized frameworks and currencies across channel.

How generative AI will change marketing

Generative AI has radically transformed the advertising industry since the release of ChatGPT in November 2022. In this session, moderated by The Drum tech reporter Webb Wright, marketing experts will discuss the myriad ways in which this technology has been causing a strategic shift within agencies and brands, as well as the legal and ethical challenges that it presents to advertisers.

Why the industry needs to put social at the center of everything we do

In this keynote, CEO of VaynerMedia Gary Vaynerchuk will talk about why agencies need to learn how to create perfect social AND big brand ideas, deploying quality social creative that builds the brand voice daily while gleaning insights about the brand, category, and consumer. Then, use these insights to “find right” for big, innovative brand ideas.