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Rory Sutherland spills the tea: Politics Unplugged! - part 1

Politics for Drummies and Media

Ogilvy boss Sutherland on why McDonalds is more democratic than elections, dodgy focus groups and political motivations.
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Anger, fear and hope in the upcoming election campaign

With the UK election kicking off early, Alastair asks Benedict Pringle, founder of, to unpack how the parties wield anger, fear, and hope to shape voter sentiment. From Labour's rallying cry against the status quo to the Conservatives' fear-based narrative, discover the nuanced strategies at play in the campaign.

Peerage, Pop Culture and Obesity - A Conservative Perspective

In this episode of Politics for Drummies, Alister Duncan engages in a thought-provoking dialogue with conservative peer Lord Bethell, tackling pressing issues from environmental concerns to the role of compassion in politics, offering a glimpse into the complexities of policymaking and societal change.

Democracy, Mental Health, and Societal Risks

Richard Huntingdon returns for a candid conversation with Alastair on the complexities of British politics and how the advertising industry could help to resurrect the category. From reflections on politicians who can get things done to mental health in agencies, we explore how well being matters when it comes to making change in today's political climate.

Real Insight, Policy Impact, and the Creative Curriculum

Richard Huntington, Chair and Chief Strategy Officer at Saatchi & Saatchi London, delves into the decline of political engagement and the importance of reinvigorating the middle class for economic growth. From tackling wealth inequality to the role of taxation, this episode explores the path to a more inclusive and prosperous society.

Money, media, and the 2024 presidential election

In this episode, Alastair delves into the complexities of the upcoming U.S. presidential election with Tessa Simonds of Blue State Digital. They discuss campaign funding, media influence, and offer key insights into the evolving strategies shaping the electoral landscape.