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Privacy, by design: invest now for future success

Media Summit and advertising | Nov 18, 2022

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In this session, we speak to privacy leads from Google and Media.Monks to discuss a new future of advertising, one that puts privacy front and center. The privacy investments brands and agencies make today are essential for success tomorrow and in the future. But is your business privacy-ready? What steps do you need to take today to maintain customer confidence and your competitive edge? In this session, we hear how leading brands have acted to prioritize privacy-first approaches within their business and explore why now is the time to give customers what they want and need.
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Powering agency success in the third wave of digital media

Join Jenni Baker as she chats to her guests about how to power agency success in the third wave of digital media. First, it was search, then social, and now the third wave of digital media is upon us. Retail media is set to account for over 25% of total digital media spending by 2026 (BCG) and with this media buying approach comes a new tech architecture requiring cross-channel, cross-retailer agility and access to first-party data. In this must attend session for agencies, we explore how to unlock the power of commerce data across the open web by embracing new audiences, tech, and media owners.

Cameron converses - with Amit Wadhwa

Our editor sits down with Amit Wadhwa, Chief Executive Officer at Dentsu, India. After winning Agency of the Year at this year's Cannes Lions, Cameron wants to get to the bottom of what makes them do good and what the future holds for advertising in the APAC region.

The Ken Hein Show

Hyundai has had some big successes this year. The company just reported strong sales based on new vehicle launches and refreshes of some of its iconic models. One of the aspects that ignited these sales, and the marketing campaigns behind them, is effective media spending. Not so long ago buy media for auto companies was pretty rote. You know those TV ads of cars winding down scenic roads. These days, well, not so much. With millennials commanding more spending power and Gen Z not far behind, the mix has changed. Plus, there was that pandemic thing. CTV is all over the place. You name it. However, you slice it media buying is different.

Marketing in the multi-sensory world

Raja Rajamannar, Chief Marketing Officer of Mastercard (US), explores how the world of marketing is embracing more sensory and experiential approaches. And looks at what all marketers can learn from this broader approach.

AdFab - The advertiser funded content show

What are the current opportunities in branded content for advertisers? How has the space evolved and what trends are emerging? Speakers can talk through the editorial and regulatory process and drill down a bit into why some of these shows haven’t broken through to the mainstream (a lot of branded shows are digital and not primetime shows).

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The green room

Many marketers are wrestling with their role in the climate crisis, be it by helping clients embrace greener processes internally or by nudging the public toward more sustainable practices – but the most immediate impact they could make is by hitting net-zero carbon in their media buys. While the industry still struggles to understand the extent of its impact on the environment, agency leaders come together to discuss what they are doing and the steps that ad land must take to ignite real, long-term change to build towards a greener future.


OOH is one the oldest media channels in the marketing playbook, but it continues to stand the test of time. From boundary breaking billboards to high impact contextual moments, we explore the next frontier for OOH media innovation and the data/tech that underpins it.

Will the world cup steal Christmas?

We’ve never had a winter world cup before – and it’s in the desert… how can brands activate around the Qatar event at Christmas. How has it impacted schedules, ad pricing and audiences?

Strictly data

In an increasingly fragmented digital ecosystem, connecting the dots across different channels is more challenging than ever. At the same time, longstanding approaches are facing increasing scrutiny. How can brand marketers gain a holistic view of their omnichannel campaigns in all regions to truly understand everything from production ROI to diversity and accessibility of their creative assets. How are today’s leading marketers and publishers working toward developing apples-to-apples, cross-platform measurement frameworks built for a privacy-obsessed, rapidly-evolving world?

The dollar dash

You’ve got a budget to invest in gaming advertising. Where are you placing those dollars – the metaverse? Mobile apps? In-game? E-sports? Gaming has historically been an ad-free zone – but that’s changing with investment and infrastructure integrating with the most popular titles. In this gamified session, our contestants have a set budget to spend – but how are they splitting it; which environments are they choosing to spend them; and why? We’ll dive into each to spotlight the current and future potential to determine which gaming media investments give brands the most bang for their buck.


It’s finally happened, we’ve hit peak Netflix and subscribers are destined to shrink in the short term. Meanwhile, the brand is exploring how to implement advertising. The Drum assembles some wizened figures to explore how the top streamer should adopt ads.

Loyalty 3.0 - Rewarding customers for their data

As the story goes, in 1793 a merchant in New Hampshire began the first ever loyalty program by rewarding repeat customers with copper tokens. The tokens could be used towards future purchase. Modern-day frequent flier and credit card programs would follow. Now the loyalty scheme has gone to a whole other level as brands are clamoring to gather as much first party data as possible. While the death date for third party cookies keeps moving, brands know they need to act now and leveraging loyalty is the tactic du jour.

After the cookies have crumbled

It’s December 2024. The final cookie has been phased out. Has the entire digital advertising ecosystem crumbled as part of the cookiepocolypse or has it emerged bright and shining into a new privacy-first world? The biggest players across the digital ecosystem step into the future to give us a glimpse of what this new world looks like – and their journey to help marketers navigate there.