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In conversation with Bruce Beigel, Winterberry Group

The Future CMO and Marketing

In this episode, Steve Antoniewicz interviews Bruce Beigel, senior managing partner at Winterberry Group, exploring the transformative impact of COVID on B2B marketing, the rise of digital channels, the changing role of CMOs, and the future landscape shaped by machine learning and generative AI.
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In conversation with Christof Baer, Kimberley-Clark

Christof Baer, Head of Performance Marketing at Kimberly-Clark, notes the significant changes in the CMO role due to digitalisation and fragmentation in the past five years. He discusses the challenges of balancing short-term results with long-term brand building and emphasises the opportunities presented by technology for creating consumer-driven, connected journeys.

In conversation with Aoife O'Toole, Skyscanner

In this interview, the Global Head of Marketing, Display and Paid Social at Skyscanner, Aoife O'Toole, discusses the evolving role of CMOs in the context of recent challenges faced by the travel industry. She emphasises the need for connecting teams, adapting to trends like authenticity in branding and automation, and staying mindful of changing factors such as privacy and sustainability.

In conversation with Osasere Aimiuwu, Robinsons Fruit Shoot, Britvic

In this episode, Richard Draycott delves into the evolving role of a Brand Manager with Osasere Aimiuwu from Britvic, discussing the impact of AI, data protection, and the challenges of maintaining creativity in brand management, all while looking ahead to the future of brand management in the next five years.

In conversation with Stuart Wells, adidas Runtastic

In this interview, Stuart Wells, VP of Marketing and Content at adidas Runtastic, discusses the changing role of marketers over the past five years, emphasising a more holistic approach to business, focusing on consumer journeys and lifetime value.

In conversation with Alessio Nessi, BBC Studios

Richard Draycott speaks with Alessio Nesi, creative director of BBC Story Works, the branded content division of BBC Studios. They discuss the challenges and opportunities of AI in content creation and how it might shape the future of media and creativity.

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The future CMO panel: What are the expectations of the CMOs of tomorrow?

In a rapidly changing business landscape, many senior marketers are having to rethink what type of talent and resources fit new agile business models. With such contrasting mindsets on brand identity and purpose, how can senior staff and younger CMOs ‘meet in the middle’ when it comes to implementation? What is the emerging skillset of gen-z and are they being allowed to utilise them? What are the expectations of the CMOs of tomorrow and why are they important?

In conversation with Jonathan Bottomley, Calvin Klein

Join Gordon Young as he engages in a captivating conversation with Calvin Klein’s CMO, Jonathon Bottomley. They delve into Jonathon's beliefs about the transformative power of brand. Touching on his previous tenure at Ralph Lauren, they also explore strategies for achieving distinctiveness, the game-changing influence of desire and the importance of cultural relevance.

In conversation with Becky Moffat, HSBC

Lynn Lester catches up with HSBC’s CMO Becky Moffat to see how she interprets the great marketing reset as well as looking at their award-winning campaigns, the importance of purpose and why humour in marketing has never been more important.

In conversation with Keith Browning, LinkedIn

In this interview between Steve Antoniewicz and Keith Browning, Director of Brand Marketing at LinkedIn, Keith discusses the evolving role of the CMO, the increased influence of marketing in the boardroom, and the impact of AI on LinkedIn's tools and products, highlighting AI's role in improving targeting, creative optimisation, and measurement across various aspects of the platform.

In conversation with Jann Schwarz, LinkedIn

In this interview between Steve Antoniewicz and Jann Schwarz, founder of the B2B Marketing Institute at LinkedIn, Jann discusses the evolution of the B2B Institute, emphasising the need for strategic advice on building B2B brands for long-term value and the crucial role of brand in creating confidence and value for customers, with examples from both B2C (Kraft Heinz) and B2B (Salesforce) sectors.

In conversation with Duncan Chater, Bloomberg Media

In this insightful interview, Duncan Chater, Managing Director, Europe, Bloomberg Media, Duncan discusses Bloomberg's unique position as a data-driven media business, its diverse portfolio spanning nine platforms, and how it navigates the evolving needs of business leaders by delivering information through various channels, including data-driven storytelling and commercially driven thought leadership tools.

In conversation with Anne Stilling, Vodafone

In this interview between Steve Antoniewicz and Anne Stilling, Global Brand Director at Vodafone, they discuss Vodafone's evolution into a broader technology business, the growing importance of their B2B segment, and the challenges and opportunities presented by AI and automation in marketing. Anne emphasises the need for a structured approach to AI deployment and highlights its potential impact on creating competitive advantages.

In conversation with Victoria Kerr, Uber for Business

In this interview between Steve Antoniewicz and Victoria Kerr, Head of Marketing for EMEA & APAC at Uber for Business, Victoria discusses the evolution of Uber's B2B strategy, emphasising the growing importance of the B2B channel, the collaboration between B2B and consumer teams, and the potential impact of AI on content creation and media strategies for Uber's business services.

In conversation with Tom Stein, Stein IAS

In this interview between Steve Antoniewicz and Tom Stein, Chairman & Chief Brand Officer at Stein IAS, Tom discusses the key trends in B2B marketing, emphasising the growing importance of creativity, the evolving balance between brand and demand, and the concept of brand as an insulator for businesses, providing insights into the strategic focus and growth journey of Stein IAS within the B2B space.

In conversation with Jamie Allan, NVIDIA

In this episode, Jamie Allan from NVIDIA, discusses the groundbreaking work they are doing to impact the media industry by solving complex problems in areas like real-time 3D engines, AI, and graphics processing. He also delves into the evolving landscape of monetisation in media and the gradual integration of AI into our daily lives, both as consumers and professionals.

In conversation with Nora Zukauskaite, Brand Agency London

In this episode, Nora Zukauskaite, Global Marketing Director at Brand Agency London, discusses the changing landscape of the CMO role, highlighting the impact of technological advancements, the evolving economic climate, and the growing need for commercial acumen. She offers valuable insights for aspiring CMOs on understanding the commercial language and aligning their marketing efforts with broader company goals

In conversation with Dom Burch, Why Social (former Asda CMO)

Dom Burch, the former Marketing Director at Asda, discusses the evolving role of CMOs in response to technological changes. They emphasise the need for CMOs to be versatile, stay curious, focus on creativity, and consider the human element.

In conversation with Joseph Morel, Neon Picturehouse

Delve into the world of cinematic storytelling and the impact of AI on the future of filmmaking with Joseph Morel, CEO & founder of Neon Picturehouse, as he discusses the evolving landscape of video production and the fusion of creativity and technology.

In conversation with Daniel Hulme, WPP

The Drum's Richard Draycott and Daniel Hulme, WPP's Chief A.I. Officer, delve into the role of AI in content creation, AI's transformative impact on various industries, and the evolving opportunities and challenges it presents for businesses.

In conversation with James Fleetham, The Guardian

James Fleetham from The Guardian discusses key media trends, emphasising their growth in women's football coverage and their response to challenges like AI and funding. He also highlights the importance of communicating what sets The Guardian apart and the untapped potential for the brand's future.

In conversation with Sir John Hegarty

In this insightful interview, advertising legend Sir John Hegarty shares his perspective on the impact of AI and technology on creativity in advertising and marketing. He envisions a future centered on storytelling and engaging content to connect with audiences.

In conversation with Becky Verano, Reckitt

In this interview, Becky Verano, Global VP of Creativity and Capabilities at Reckitt, emphasises the increasing influence of technology and the strategic importance of continuous learning. The conversation also touches on Reckitt's innovative virtual production studio and anticipates a future where automation and optimisation will reshape marketing roles, presenting both challenges and exciting opportunities.