S1 A look at the most creative work in APAC

APAC Trends Briefing and Creative | Apr 14, 2023

Senior creatives give their take on the challenges, nuances and the best work and ideas coming out of the region as well as celebrating work from this year’s World Creative Rankings.
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APAC’s commerce experts on the future of retail marketing

E-commerce, social commerce, contextual commerce – it’s all about getting consumers to buy. This region sets the trends for the rest of the world when it comes to tech and innovation in this sector. From loyalty programs, re-targeting, social influencers and the next big thing in retail, this panel of experts will share insights and predictions to help marketers engage with APAC consumers.

The importance of Commerce Media in the addressable future

This fireside chat by Criteo will explore how Commerce Media became the fourth wave of digital advertising in this changing digital ecosystem, offering not only a full-funnel and omnichannel approach, but also opportunities for marketers to maintain addressability and personalize customer experience.

Building brand loyalty in uncertain times

Brands and marketers are again facing uncertain times, and as the focus shifts to retention, so too does the importance of building brand loyalty with consumers. Hosted by Epsilon, this session will explore the changing strategies around loyalty programs, the new and emerging tools, and the rise of AI.

Whose responsibility is it to advertise responsibly?

The concept of Responsible Advertising in all its forms can feel overwhelming and is often shuffled to the bottom of the to-do list by brands. Progress in this space has to be driven by those with the ability to bring actionable solutions in this space. In this session we will discuss how Dentsu are responding to the changing needs of clients, and how tech vendors are bringing solutions to bring these new strategies to life. What are the tradeoffs and how should brands adapt to the challenge?

Senior marketers on marketing trends shaping the region

Our panel of senior marketers address the rapidly changing consumer and how their brands are driving growth across the region. This session will also reflect on the themes of the day and the trends to watch in the future.

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How is DE&I represented in the APAC Marketing sector?

In a region as diverse as APAC, ensuring diversity and representation in marketing seems easy, but is it? The region is often criticized as lagging behind the rest of the world, or equally praised for leading the way. So, which is it? What does diversity, equality and inclusion look like across APAC? And what are brands and agencies doing to ensure it gets the attention it deserves?

The secrets behind APAC’s award-winning work

Meet the teams behind two highly awarded campaigns and hear the story of how these campaigns evolved from the initial brief to the inspired insight to the fully formed idea, the execution and the response and result of the final campaign. Join the marketers and agencies as they bring their award-winning work to life.

Coca-Cola ASEAN & South Pacific’s Matthias Blume looks at Marketing trends and insights for 2023

The Drum’s APAC Editor, Danielle Long, together with our Keynote, Mattias Blume, looks at creativity, media and consumer trends as well insights for the year ahead.

How brands are capitalising on the gaming sector in APAC

Gaming has seen phenomenal growth across the region in recent years, with brands acknowledging the power of the medium to get closer to their target market in an authentic way. This session will explore what’s in store for the gaming sector in 2023 and the best opportunities for brands across e-sports, in-game advertising, mobile and more.

Trust in the numbers: measurement in digital marketing’s new era

With billions of dollars spent on digital advertising, measurement is the sanity check marketers need to rely on. But as the cookie leaves the building, how can we ensure that cross-platform measurement gives a true picture of how marketing spend is performing?