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Marketers can change the world

Marketing can change the world

Marketing holds a unique place in the modern world; it has the ability to challenge and shape perspectives, to inform culture and to kickstart movements.

Now, in a time of global crisis, we see more clearly than ever the industry’s ability to effect real change, by driving positive messages and offering platforms to those that need it.

It is in the spirit of this fundamental belief that The Drum and Facebook have teamed up to launch the ‘Marketing Can Change the World’ global initiative, which aims to unite and support the industry across three areas: EMEA, North America, and APAC. Three teams of rising star marketers will come together to create campaign solutions that will positively impact the lives of minority groups operating in the global SMB market.

Check out the inspiring and educational four-episode documentary series below, following the journey of the three teams as they collaborate and compete to change the world.