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'Don't hate her, navigate her': menstrual cycle app 'Fredrick' for men courts controversy

A new app launched under the strapline 'don't hate her, navigate her' aims to let men know how they should act around their partners during their period

Fredrick, a new app which aims to help men determine their girlfriend's mood throughout her menstrual cycle, is making waves online.

Described as "an honest menstrual cycle navigator for men", the app's press release hit inboxes today. The developers advise customers to "use it daily to help navigate her monthly," adding "mate, you'll thank us. Really."

The tool gives users notifications depending on the time of the month and is able to "predict" whether women are "likely to be in a bad mood", it has come under fire online for being "utterly perfect in its abhorrence".

"It’s like if Dapper Laughs quit comedy and took a diploma in counselling," said Gadgette's Emily Reynolds.

Providing 'helpful' forecasts for men ahead of time, the app issues warnings such as: “Tomorrow looks a little unsettling. She’s having fantasies. Of you flying a kite. Tethered with wire. In an electrical storm.”.

Other inspired tips include 'don't make her sneeze' and 'don't hate her, navigate her'.

The app's release comes at a time of ongoing debate around female sanitary products being subject to a 'luxury tax', and follows a controversy surrounding Thinx 'period underwear' posters being displayed on the New York subway.

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