Tesco Twitter Grass

Tesco faces customer service nightmare with ‘am no grass’ Glaswegian


By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

March 25, 2015 | 2 min read

Tesco's social media team came up against it on Monday after a Glaswegian who spotted out of date food in-store refused to ‘grass’ on the outlet which had made the gaffe.

Twitter user @Haraam on Monday complained about an out-of-date item using the social network.

The complaint was promptly addressed by the Tesco team, keen to find out where he had found the product to get it off the shelves.

However, Haraam seemed unwilling to sell, what is assumedly his local Tesco chain, down the river, in a move which likely benefitted the staff supposed to be manning the shelves.

The conversation has gone viral and as a result, Haraam has turned off notifications on Twitter. The one question that remains is whether tesco found the out-of-date biscuits...

Tesco Twitter Grass

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