Local 'news' stories of the week: Woman fixes vacuum cleaner, man buys pies, dog rides bus


By Jennifer Faull | Deputy Editor

August 15, 2014 | 3 min read

BREAKING NEWS: A man bought 23 pies, a woman finally fixed her vacuum cleaner after a year long battle and a lady has lost her raincoat in Alford.

Yes, it's been a slow week for local news. Take a look at our favourites.

This week a man bought 23 apple pies from Burger King to spite a child.

The child was apparently screaming that it wanted some "f*cking pie” whilst the mother ignored him.

So he bought every pie in the shop and went on his way.

The top story in Skegness on Wednesday was about a woman who lost her anorak.

Barbara Grimley forgot to pick up her raincoat at the Half Moon Hotel on Wednesday August 6.

Please, if you "accidentally" (it was, by all accounts, a fancy raincoat) picked it up or know of the coat’s whereabouts get in touch immediately.

A woman has found a hat in a tree.

Might we suggest, if Barbera's raincoat is not recovered - and nobody claims the red, bobble hat - then it be sent to her instead as a small form of compensation.

Georgie Kean has finally removed a stubborn vacuum cleaner head after battling with it for over a year.

The Drum readers will be relieved to know that the "culprit" - Henry Hoover - is as good as new.

This isn't just a local news story. This is a NATIONAL news story which ran on the Mail Online earlier this week.

Ok - we admit we rather like this one. Who doesn't love a story about a cheeky bulldog taking a ride on a bus? But, what we do object to is The Argus chief reporter's relentless dog puns.

It might "sound like a tall tail" but "it was no ruff ride" for the "mystery mutt" who "did not paws before boarding the number 22 bus".

But all in. it was a "mastif adventure".

A local war has broken out over a pair of noisy peacocks.

The Basingstoke Gazette reports that complaints have been made, but one family has defended the birds saying: "We are always delighted to see ‘Mr Peacock’ and feel privileged to have them living in such close proximity."

We endeavour to keep you updated as this story no doubt escalates.


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