By John McCarthy | Opinion editor

July 16, 2014 | 2 min read

A Taiwanese firm has created a cat feeding machine which utilises facial recognition technology to stop fat cats from taking more than their fair share during dindins.

The developer, Mu-Chi Sung, said he first created the concept when one of his cats almost died after developing pancreatitis due to its food being eaten by bossier felines.

As a result Sung created the Bistro Smart Feeder to feed each cat based on its appearance - to ensure each cat sticks to its own dish.

Over £14,590 has been raised towards a £100,000 target on start-up site Indiegogo.

The device has a food bowl set within casing rigged with a camera which will only release food and water if the cat’s face is recognised by the system.

It will also weigh the cat, sending information to a companion app on the owner’s smartphone.

Sung said: "I have been raising so many cats and some passed away, but usually we didn't notice that they were sick.

"I should have noticed earlier, because it's often too late when they show serious symptoms."

The product will retail for £145 when it is released.

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