By John McCarthy | Media editor

July 3, 2014 | 1 min read

The highly addictive video game Tetris could always be played on the move (thanks Gameboy) but one man has redefined its portability with a playable LED t-shirt version.

It may have been the Russian Alexey Pajitnov who brought Tetris to the world in 1984 but it was the Luxembourger, Marc Kerger, brought it to a t-shirt, to celebrate the 30th anniversary of the block-busting arcade game.

The device, which uses shirt mounted controls is visually displayed by 128 LED powered lights powered by four AA batteries.

Using his gadgetry knowledge he created the perfect Tetris merchandise and a suitable testament to the game’s timelessness.

Unfortunately Kerner’s design is not available in stores… yet.

This is perhaps not the coolest Tetris ever though being trumped by a US skyscraper which served as the world's biggest Gameboy.


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