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Get a Hodor yourself with the Yo, Hodor messenger app

Hodor remains one of the most complex characters in the novels

Hodor, one of Game of Thrones' most memorable characters, has entered the communications market with the Yo, Hodor app for iOS.

The app, is a rebuild of the Yo app which allowed users to send the word Yo to friends and colleagues - this time replacing "Yo" with "Hodor".

Yo, Hodor, which was created as a joke and out of love for the series, ensures Game of Thrones fans can Hodor each other on the move.

The gentle giant who many believe [fake spoiler] to be the heir to the throne of Westeros... can only utter the word Hodor.

Like the character - the messenger will only be able to send Hodors. And only to other users who have downloaded the app.

Tyler Hedrick who developed the app said on Twitter, “I wrote Hodor because Hodoring someone is so much cooler than Yoing someone.”

Hedrick used Hodor clips from the HBO show so download the app quickly before it is removed due to copyright breaches.

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