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TGI Friday's gets caught out trying to use long-time Nando's fan Example to promote burger range on social media

Pop star and long-time Nando’s fan Example has called TGI Friday’s out for trying to use him to promote its range of beef burgers on Twitter. Earlier today the restaurant chain mocked up a magazine cover featuring Example apparently eating a beef burger along with the headline: ‘Singer cheats on Peri Peri for new handcrafted burger’. In the accompanying message TGIs included Example’s Twitter handle, ensuring the star would see the scandalous message. On reading the inflamatory tweet Example re-tweeted the image to his 2 million followers adding the words ‘I can’t stand TGI’s’ only to find they’d swiftly deleted the image after realising the error of their ways.

Example is a long-time Nando's fan and has one of the chain's coveted Black cards

Though it was too little too late as Example had taken a screen grab of the offending message which he then shared. You would think TGIs would know better than to try and claim the man who co-created the ‘Nando’s Skank’ as their own. A social media #Fail if ever we saw. At the time of publishing TGI Friday’s had not yet replied to The Drum’s request for a comment.