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Greater Manchester Police tweets out note left at cannabis flat asking owners to get in touch

Ah, the annoyance when you go to the shops, only to come back to find a note through the door saying you’ve missed a delivery. Well, it as much worse for a cannabis plant owner in Manchester.Greater Manchester Police “kicked in a door” in Worsley to find no-one home, but 72 cannabis plants.What did they do? They took the plants, left a note asking the owner to call, and then posted it on social media.Policing in action. No word on whether the owner has contacted the police yet however…

The Drum is familiar with police services being excellent on social, with Surrey Police winning the Grand Prix at the Social Buzz Awards. Another example of brilliant Twitter use came from West Midlands Police last year, as one police office became frustrated after an arrest statement he wrote up on behalf of canine cop PC Peach was returned because it wasn't the statement of the arresting officer'. The officer wrote up a statement from the dog's point of view, including 'I chase him, I bite him'.

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