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The Drum

Comic Relief unveils 'shameless book plug' campaign with Monkey

Comic Relief has unveiled a campaign created by Mother, which sees Monkey appear in a new video for Careless Whisper.

The video comes ahead of Monkey's autobiography: Hero of our Time.

Monkey said: “I bring you my splendid new video: Careless Whisper. My good friend George Michael has let me film a new version of his classic hit to shamelessly plug my new autobiography – Monkey: Hero of our Time. You can watch as I struggle with love, quite literally sometimes, and tie myself in knots as I try to juggle two girlfriends. All I wanted to do was read them my autobiography! Which might I add they both thoroughly enjoyed, and you will too. So the first thing you should do after watching this is buy my book. Go on, do it. Buy it.”

Income from Monkey merchandise is used by Comic Relief to help it run itself.