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Take a bow Naomi Campbell - possibly the most overexcited reaction to a car commercial you'll ever see

There was an interesting glimpse at the world of commercials production in last night's edition of The Face on Sky Living when the three teams of aspiring models were given the task of appearing in an advert for the luxury car marque Maserati.

Another Film Company's Sam Washington who directed the 'commercials' appeared to have been given the same meagre resources as those offered to the contestants in The Apprentice when they are asked to construct an ad in less than 48 hours, and the resulting 'commercial' was not something that would be likely to trouble an award jury.

Washington himself may have scored slightly better than the Maserati ad - with so many talent scouts from the fashion industry in the room, the handsome director was probably festooned with modelling offers as a result of doing the programme.

The best part of this clip is the reaction from the winning judge... Naomi Campbell's celebration is so over the top that you could be forgiven for thinking that she's being attacked by a swarm of invisible bees instead of enjoying the news that her team has triumphed. Be sure to stay with this clip to the end so you can witness her extraordinary display of emotion.

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