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Creative team Ali and Clive ‘kidnap’ BBH creative director Pablo Marques’s image for selection of ads

Creative team Ali Rafei and Clive Pereira are looking to get the attention of BBH creative director Pablo Marques, and have created a series of ads using his image.

The ads, all for BBH clients, use the image of Marques to show what the pair can do.

After no reply to emails and Twitter messages, the pair – who are looking to get a placement at BBH - decided to showcase their work in a video, showing just what they could do.

Rafei explained: “We have sent a mail to Pablo before to ask him for a coffee. He hasn't answered so we came up with this idea while going through his social media, since his profile picture is the same on all his accounts.

“We basically wanted to show him we have plenty of ideas, so we thought of projecting several brands that BBH handles on his profile picture and see what comes out of it!”

The Drum is waiting to hear the thoughts from both BBH and Marques on the video.

UPDATED: Two hours after this article went online, Pablo Marques agreed to meet with Ali Rafei and Clive Pereira.

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